Tåbukki - In English

Tåbukki was an enthousiastic group of children and youngsters who met each other every week to sing together. Although singing was the main purpose of our group, being together to have fun and to do activities together were also important issues.

Tåbukki consisted of 6 groups:

Our ‘Ukkies’, the youngest of all, were children between 5 and 8 years old. They came together each week to sing wellknown songs from Dutch or Flemish groups or artists. Although singing was what they did, the main purpuse was to have fun together as a group.

The second group, the ‘Kids’ were children between 8 and 12 years.
They weekly came together for 1,5 hour to sing together with their group. They also liked to sing in Dutch. Beside well known songs from radio, they also liked songs from Walt Disney pictures. For them too having fun in singing together was more important than quality.

The third group were teenagers between 12 and 16 years and were called the 'Teens'.
They sang weekly together too and liked more English spoken songs. Most of the time they sang popsongs that are well known from radio and television. But they also liked songs from musicals or Disney pictures. As you can see in the picture below, they were our most active group ...

Our oldest group, the ‘Åndz’ were between 16 and 25 years.
Most of them joined our choir while still being Kids our Teens. So they knew us very well and we knew them. This was an interesting base to do more then just singing. Of course, singing is what the Åndz liked to do most. They sang in English, Dutch, Spanish or even a non-existing language (e.g. in Adiemus). They often tried to do this in different voices.
While the Ukkies, Kids and Teens had a yearly 'Easter Camp', the Åndz tried to extend their horizon.
That's how they went to Turkey in 2004 with a group from Genk (Belgium) and participated in an
international exchange program in 2005 in Estonia (along with a group from Finland and Spain).
Both experiences were very good, so they liked to do things like that again.
That is why they went to Denmark in 2010, to Norway in 2011, to Sweden in 2012, to Hungary in 2013 and to Schotland in 2014 !

Our fifth group, the ‘Band’, were youngsters who played an instrument and who had rehearsal every week. We wrote arrangements ourselfs so that everyone who liked to play an instrument, would be able to do so. This ment that at one time, our band consisted of musicians who played Horn, Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Marimba and Percussion.

Our last group was 'K'baal'. It was a percussion group that liked to perform in an other way than percussion groups usual do. Instead of beating on drums, conga etc, they used buckets, barrels, dustbins ... We raised this group for youngsters who liked to make music, but never had some experience to do so.

In total, Tåbukki vzw had about 70 members, including the people who run the organisation.
A lot of youngsters chose other things to do when they grew older, that's why we had to
stop our choirs in 2014 because of a lack of members ...